How to Use and Add WordPress Themes

Style is as important as substance. In the world of the Internet, a website is monotonous or dull if it does not undergo proper and prepared web design. That goes the same with the themes that are ready to use in various websites. One such web software is WordPress, and to make the website or the web log interesting for the online users, WordPress themes are ready-made for that purpose.

These themes are created to provide overall design and the materials to become more presentable. It adds not only vibrant colors but also order and organization within the site or web log. WordPress themes can be downloaded from the free themes directory of the official website of WordPress. These are made and licensed under the requirements of the GPL, or the General Product License.

Initially, a default theme named “WordPress TwentyEleven” is shown on the interface when the software is downloaded the first time. In order to switch from the default theme to a customized, more elaborate theme, one should download a theme in the directory. But first, one should type in the type of theme and style. When the search returns a list of themes, it would show a preview of every theme.

It is important for the downloader to check if there are specific instructions on how to install a certain theme. Not all themes are made the same way, although with the use of the same web design language. If he is adept with the parts of the installed WordPress application, he can add new themes with it. He could either use the cPanel or the administrative panel in adding these themes.

Once the WordPress themes are selected, they are already saved in the software application after every download. With that, there are no more hassles when it comes to downloading and installing. All the needed themes are already saved and can be switched as desired by the WordPress user.