How to Use Free WordPress Themes

So you decided it’s with WordPress you want to work with…. Now what? Do you know how to use it? If your reason for choosing WordPress is the aesthetics, do you know how to go about making the most of your WordPress themes or tweaking the template to achieve your desired visuals? Definitely, getting assured of having a great blog or website doesn’t stop with choosing WordPress as your CMS alone. Choosing a good free content management platform is only less than half the job done.  Learning how to make WordPress work for you is important. Or at least—learning how to use free WordPress themes is worth learning.

The WordPress dashboard already provides instant access to free templates or themes that can be easily selected and used to start customizing a blog. Figuring out how to do this shouldn’t be a chore with the intuitive WordPress interface. However, those who want to explore more free WordPress themes can download free themes from the WordPress free theme directories. Additional choices of free themes and templates may be available through other compilations of free themes online, especially those collected and reviewed by bloggers themselves. Using the free themes can be done by adding the theme through cPanel or through the WordPress administration interface. Downloadable themes are usually available with instructions accompanying them. Just follow the instructions and you should be able to get thing done.

A wide range of free WordPress themes are available online. Aside from the extensive collection available on the WordPress website, there are various other sites that provide links along with live previews. Using these costless blog or website appearance modifying or enhancing packages is only a matter of following instructions. Basically, it can be summarized as a download–upload–activate process.