How Wordpress Themes Affects the Popularity of Your Blog

If you are a wordpress blogger, wordpress themes are just a layout or design of your blog. However if you are a wordpress superstar, you will know that your theme can affect the popularity of your blog to the people and of course to search engines.

A theme is like the layout of your blog. Primarily it focuses on two things. First is the style or how it appeals to a lot of people. This part is easy because most themes are made to target different people with different tastes. Many like colorful designs, others like business like professional sites.

A theme should fit the topic or niche you are posting about. It would be hard to post about serious topics like laws and accounting when you have rainbow like colors with children doodle pictures all over the blog. However if you deal with toys and fun stuff then the rainbow like colors and children doodle pictures wordpress themes will fit very well. So the first aspect you have in choosing a theme should be the style and how it fits the content of your blog.

Next is the functionality. This part appeals to the search engines. Even the theme is part of the search engine optimization or SEO. There are many factors that can attract a search engine to your site if you have the right theme.

One is the link placement. Links should be placed on your site that is friendly to the search engine crawlers. If your theme hides the links from the crawlers then your site won’t show up on search engine sites even if your content was written with SEO techniques. Another important feature is the ability of your theme to host useful plugins. One important plugin is the XML Sitemaps Generator. This plugin is an important feature found in SEO wordpress themes.

There are many themes that are SEO friendly. There are free themes and paid themes. All you have to do is load it up on your blog and watch your visitor views rise.