Ideas to keep in mind in creating a WordPress theme

                WordPress theme is the wardrobe for your website or blog. More often than not, humans dress to impress. Creating a WordPress theme can be easy and less complicated when you already have an idea conceptualized in mind.

·         Decide whether you would use Wordpress for an entire website or only for blogging. You will have less difficulty making a theme for a blog than that in the website. Unlike a blog page, an entire website does not only need design but its functionality is also affected that is why the themes fashioned for a website takes time and effort.

·         Making sure that your theme reflects the product (for those who use WordPress for marketing purposes) or the attitude (for those who would only want to blog) of the contents of the website or blog. There are pre-made wordpress themes that are easily accessible and wordpress themes that may suit your personality and style. The downside of using pre-made themes is that other people may be using it already since it is already available and free. 

·         Making sure that your site has a wide space for growth for future purposes. Make your theme dynamic and do not just settle for only one static them.  In time, there will be another new set of brilliant ideas that you can add up to your site.

·         Pre-create a Page just like making an outline for an article and put widgets on the side bars. Just create and don’t mind how it would look like. This will help you generate idea how you would want your WordPress theme to be organized.

·         Play with the colors. You don’t have to put much effort in this because from time to time, you can change your colors.

·         Take a look at pre-made wordpress themes. Study and see how they are structured. This tip will give you the notion what you need to add or take from your theme. Viewing at pre-made and free themes does not give you the permission to copy them just because they are free. Remind yourself that you are only viewing them to get an idea and once you already have an idea, you can then generate a whole new idea that is unique at attention catching.

·         Try to install your theme and make necessary changes if needed. In time, there will be more ideas that will come out and your theme must be dynamic and updated all the time.