Information about the Free WordPress Themes Directory

In order for you to power your web log or website with a blogging tool, it is necessary for you to have a software application called WordPress. It is an open source blog tool that enables you to publish articles and provide photos and everything else for an interesting Internet material. Once you downloaded the software platform for your blog site or website, the next thing to do is to get WordPress themes.

A theme created for WordPress is usually done by a single theme maker or a group of theme makers. They are knowledgeable with web design language, as these are the integral part of their progress in making a visual theme for a website. Web design language such as HTML, CSS and PHP are very important in establishing these themes, and they must be licensed for it to be used.

WordPress themes that have GPL requirements are available in the free themes directory section of the official website of There are hundreds of these custom-made themes, and it is up for the Internet user which WordPress theme to download for use. A keyword search is necessary, which will return a list of themes in terms of theme type and theme style.

In finding these themes, it would be necessary to type in tags. Typing a certain tag of a certain category would narrow down a search query in the theme directory. The categories in finding the right theme would include the color of the theme, the subject of the theme, and the features of the theme, among others.

For theme designers, becoming part of the WordPress themes directory requires hard work and patience in creating top-of-the-line themes. A theme should work and function properly for the benefit of those who will download it. Again, it should have a GPL, or General Public License. A theme that does not undergo a GPL thus violates the community guidelines of