Is It Necessary to Use Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are important elements of a blog or website that make use of the WordPress blogging platform or content management system (CMS). For serious online content publishers, the question on whether to simply get a free theme or to go for a professionally-built one can somehow be tricky. How does a theme affect a blog or a website? Does it make any difference? Isn’t it that “content is king” — so what’s the fuss about themes and templates? These questions would be inevitable amid such concerns as search engine optimization, the reader perception of a site, and usability.

So what are the benefits of getting paid or premium WordPress themes? Well, before anything else, there are questions regarding what values constitute a premium theme and admittedly, that’s an issue that may take forever to resolve. So for this discussion, evaluations of the value of a theme will be ignored. A premium theme is one that is not free — and that’s how this discussion will use the term hereon. Premium themes are also known as commercial or professional themes. They are professionally designed and are not intended to be used without some form of remuneration. Pointing out their advantages over the free options may just be a skewed argument. Nonetheless, based on what most bloggers and experienced online publishers would aver, premium themes do have advantages. For one, they are generally better-looking and well-coded. They are tested to work on most web browsers. They are built to make content more accessible to search engines. They carry the guarantee of stability and compatibility. Most premium themes are associated with good design, nontraditional functions, and features not found in ordinary themes.

If a publisher wishes to have access to the aforementioned perks, going premium is a choice. However, is it necessary? What makes premium WordPress themes important? The answer depends on purview. For one who needs the premium features to run his businesses, it is necessary. But for one engaged in casual blogging, there are still other options worth considering.