Key Plugins to Optimize your WordPress Themes

If you are looking for WordPress themes that are optimized for SEO, you will be pleased to know that WordPress itself is already enhanced for SEO use. However you have to install three plugins first to get the result you want.

All In One SEO Plugin. This is responsible for placing two important boxes where you can provide useful description as well as title tags. A lot of online businessmen like it because of its capacity to automatically count characters so that you will not go over the prescribed number. To fully maximize its potential, include your target keyword on the article title, the page title as well as the description of the document.

Google XML Sitemaps. Essentially, it creates a sitemap for Google. All you have to do is look for it in the Plugins portion of WordPress themes and simply install it. As soon as you get it running, you have to go and visit Google’s webmasters page and add your sitemap to their system. If you will be able to do this successfully, Google will be able to update the content of your site quickly. In the event that you perform a lot of changes on your site with new WordPress themes, all you have to do is to look for the “Rebuild your Sitemap” link in the plugins portion and Google will update your content with no fuss.

Robots Meta. This plugin optimizes your WordPress theme by making sure that Google does not list the same content over again. Various links that are found in one post can lead to multiple entries in Google’s system especially if the content is the same. As soon as you have installed the plugin, make sure that you have checked all boxes under the settings tab and save it. Simple as it might sound, this effectively optimizes your site for Google.