Knowing Your Plug-ins for WordPress Themes Optimization

Searching for SEO optimized WordPress themes can be a waste of time especially if you don't know where to look. That's why it is important for you to understand that WordPress is already equipped with SEO optimized features that will help make things easier for you. Now what you need to do is install a few key plug-ins to get you up and running.

One of the easiest plug-ins to get by is what we call “Google XML Sitemaps”. This plug-in is responsible for generating a sitemap for Google. This plug-in will have Google update your site's contents faster than you can say cheese. You may need to go to Google's webmaster page to get everything in their system. If you happen to make a few changes on your site you have notify Google by clicking “rebuild your sitemap” link to get things updated.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the “All in one SEO” plug-in. Now what it does is that it creates two boxes below each post for writing title tags for your WordPress themes. This plug-in has an automatic character count to give you a chance to maximize your words.

The most important plug-in to get you up and running is what we all refer to as “Robots Meta”. Its job is to make sure that Google doesn't commit a crime by posting the same content twice. Like I said, it is the most essential tool to get your WordPress themes fully functional. Just install it, check out all the boxes, stare at your screen and watch it do all the work for you. This will leave your site as clean as ever leaving no room for errors. Convenient, eh? Well if there's still anything that confuses you, feel free to check for more tutorials on how to use the right key plug-ins for your site.