Optimizing WordPress Themes by Using Plugins

The funny thing about most internet marketers is that they search for WordPress themes that are enhanced for Google without realizing that all they have to do is to install some plugins and they will have the optimum site that they have always wanted.

The first plugin that you have to install is All in One SEO. With this tool, you will be able to add two boxes beneath your post that is especially useful in adding descriptions and title tags. It will also allow you to keep track of character count as you go long so that you can estimate the number of characters available for you to use. Do not forget to add the target keyword in the page title, article title and description portion.

The second plugin is Google XML Sitemaps that allows you to set up a sitemap with Google. Install the plugin first. It can be found in the Plugins portion therefore there is no need to download it somewhere else. Next, you have to go to Google’s webmaster’s page so that you can add your sitemap there. The advantage of having this plugin is that every time you update your site, may it be with new articles or with better WordPress themes, you can easily tell Google that you have made such changes.

Lastly, look for the Robots Meta plugin because it will further optimize your WordPress themes by making sure that your content will stay unique and not have any duplicates anywhere in the system. The reason why posts can have various entries is caused by the links that are created all over the article. Once the plugin has been installed, simply tick all the check boxes that can be found under the settings tab and make sure to save it before you exit.