Optimizing your Website with Wordpress Themes, Content and Social Interaction

You have a wordpress blog. You post the best content to it every day. You have about 10 to 50 visitors each day. You wonder if you could get more. You might need one of the best wordpress themes to kickstart your wordpress blog.

The problem with most wordpress bloggers is that they don’t know how a wordpress theme can affect the popularity of their blog to readers and search engines. It may all boil down to search engine optimization. If your readers can’t search your website, then your website will just float endlessly in the blogosphere. The basics are simple; you have to have search engine optimization on site and off site.

Off site optimization requires that you share links with others. You need the help of other people. This is barely one half of what you can do to make your website optimized.

On site optimization is a bit tricky. Most bloggers get one third right. That is posting SEO articles on their blogs. Usually, an SEO article observes keyword density, content relevance, formatting and keyword count. Another third is the style of the blog. You can control the style with wordpress themes. This determines how the blog appeals to the readers. This requires a balance with content. If the style doesn’t match the content, you can’t expect most readers to like the contrast.

The final third of the on site optimization is the functionality of your blogsite. Is your blogsite coded properly? Remember, crawlers aren’t sentient beings. They follow algorithms and they interact with the code and text of your blogsite. If your blog has a lot of code errors, crawlers may leave the site rather than waste time. Your content won’t get cached. Some wordpress themes allow plugins. There are plugins such as the google XML sitemaps generator that can help your blog communicate with search engine crawlers.

Try to maintain interaction with other bloggers to help promote your site. Make sure that you have the best content to keep the readers coming back. Finally, always observe the right SEO techniques.  Balancing all three can make you a worpdress superstar.