Optimizing Your WordPress Themes with The Right Plug-ins

A lot of individuals nowadays waste time looking for SEO optimized themes for their sites but what they don't know is that going for WordPress themes will get rid of all those trouble. What I like about it is that it is already optimized for SEO making things a lot better for you and your business. The thing that you really need to focus on would be knowing what plugins to install in order to enhance it for Google.

The first important plug-in that you should have is what we all call “all in one SEO”. It is responsible for putting those two tiny boxes beneath each post to provide a good description for your WordPress themes. It will also give you an opportunity to maximize the writing space by letting you know how much character or words you still got left.

Another important plug-in that you must have is what we refer to as “Google XML Sitemaps”. This is used to generate a sitemap for Google. This is one of the easiest plug-ins to install but if you really are confused then you should browse the web for instructions on how to use it. This may also require you to go to Google's webmaster page to add the sitemap to their system. Its sole purpose is to have Google update your site's content as quickly as possible.

The last plug-in that you should worry about to get your WordPress themes up and running is called “Robot Meta”. This will serve as your very own security to prevent your site from listing the same content twice. I can say that this is the most useful tool to get your business in tip-top shape. You just have to install it and check all the boxes and let it do its magic for you.