Reliable Information about Free WordPress Themes

Using WordPress themes will benefit those who create them. For theme makers, once customized themes for WordPress users are uploaded, it is necessary for them to have it noticed to the blogging public. All finished themes are usually hosted towards the Theme Directory. These themes must be in accordance to the guidelines of the WordPress community.

Hosting WordPress themes can incur benefits for the creators. First, hosting them would provide related statistics, especially on how many times a certain WordPress theme is downloaded by many online users. Second, users who downloaded that certain WordPress theme can be able to provide comments and feedbacks. Lastly, the users can also be able to give a specific rating to show the popularity of the themes.

For the people of WordPress, the creation of a directory for WordPress themes is to provide the best themes for WordPress users all over the world. Besides, if WordPress is an open source blogging tool, the themes are, too. Theme makers are not allowed to provide themes that are for the sole purpose of promoting it that would violate the terms and conditions of a WordPress-powered site.

Many people are interested in creating these themes, which is why was able to provide guidelines and resources, especially on the development of themes. Also, guidelines on the review of the created themes and theme testing are also provided. All themes submitted to the people of undergo reviews. They are not approved if they don’t support GPL themes or violate community guidelines.

The created themes are usually described by tags. It is determined by the color, the columns, the width, the features, and the subject of the theme. Suggestions are always welcome for new tags. It could a tag of any of the mentioned categories, or a combination of any of them.