Some tips in Making Quality Wordpress themes

Wordpress themes are customizable, but you would need a given amount of experience with HTML and CSS to be successful with it. Due to its customizable nature, the Internet has given rise to thousands of Wordpress themes available for free from its dedicated hosting sites.  You can make your own unique theme from scratch, or customize an existing theme to fit your own needs. You can also share them with your friends or the Internet community, given that you did not use licensed materials in your theme.

Unfortunately, due to the relative ease of making Wordpress themes, there are many themes out there that exhibit poor coding practice, as well as the use of non-standard programming practice. This leads to incompatible themes that lead to the development of broken websites or content that cannot be read by the visitor’s browser. These points are extremely important to a Wordpress theme developer as it directly affects the usability of your theme, as well as the chances of your theme being introduced by other users for their own websites.

When creating a Wordpress theme, be sure that your theme passes the W3C HTML and CSS standards. This lets your theme become cross-compatible in most platforms, and cleaner to redevelop and customize as necessary. The W3C provides a free HTML, XHTML, and HTML5 validator in their website, as well as a checker for CSS coding at .

One good advice is to start creating a theme from an existing, valid theme. This saves time, as opposed to creating the header files and script from scratch. It also saves you the time if the theme’s framework is the same as the one you want to create—you would only need to apply some modifications to the current theme, or add new lines of code to add more features to the theme.