Terms for the WordPress Themes

There are hundreds of WordPress themes that are offered for free.  While there are those web developers that will prefer to have the premium accounts, there are those that want to have the free accounts.  Generally, the free themes will give designers the ability to create and customize the websites according to their preferences. There are functions and plug-ins they can add according to the styles they want or prefer to have from the blog platform.  In addition, the free patterns will come with the ease of application, and there is no need to have experts to fix mistakes and errors to the overall website. 

There are several words or jargon that one must understand on the WordPress themes.  The first word is theme, and this is the design of the actual website that must be created, and this is sometimes referred to as skin or as predefined templates.  A magazine style is another term commonly used, and this is the function where the posts will be listed on the home page.  Generally, there are some designs that will come with an image slider that allows one to browse easily through the different options that are part of the website. 

Other terms would include theme options, widget ready, columns, and theme framework.  These are generally those words used most of the time when it comes to the WordPress themes.  Generally, a comprehension of the terms is required for a beginner to web design.  Having the ability to comprehend and understand the words will often give one an idea on the right themes to use and the proper placement of the materials on various sections of the web page being designed.  In short, the idea is to give this highly useful website where people can easily browse through to get to the pages they need.